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Displacement heat exchanger

Displacement heat exchanger

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Product Details
  • Place of Origin:  Shandong
  • Brand Name:  jingpeng
  • Model Number:  RV03-04,HRV01-02,

Product name

RV03-04,HRV01-02,RV03-04,HRV01-02,Displacement heat exchanger in daily lives, Half Volume heat exchanger in daily lives

Type: vertical or horizontal Displacement heat exchanger

Scope of application

Applied to domestic hot water systems in hotels, residential areas, hospitals, hotels, schools, factories, etc.

Main Specification

Water Supply Capacity: 1T/H~60T/H

Primary heat source: steam or high temperature water

Working Pressure: 0.1~2.5MPa

Volume: 1.0~20m3

Main type of heat exchanger;

Floating coil heat exchanger is a non-pressure vessel product with low cost and without special equipment inspection requirements.

U-tube heat exchanger is a pressure vessel product, which is subject to special equipment inspection requirements and easy to be maintained.

Main material type:

Displacement heat exchanger exterior shell material is divided into carbon steel and stainless steel;

Heat exchange tube material is divided into stainless steel, copper, brass and so on;

Main anti-corrosion measures

The corrosion protection for the inside of the exterior shell is divided into inner coated epoxy resin, inner lined stainless steel, inner lined copper and other methods, which is applicable to the conditions of soft water, strong corrosive water supply and high requirements for the supply of hot water.

The corrosion protection for the outside of the exterior shell can use three oil with two cloth, which is generally applicable to humid conditions such as buried in the underground and basement.


The heat medium flow rate increased by 3-6 times and the heated water increased 3-5 times which made the heat transfer coefficient increased significantly

Sufficient heat exchange. When steam-water exchanges heat, the effluent of the condensate temperature can be reduced to about 50℃ with energy saving. When the water-water heat exchange occurs, the single-stage heat exchange can exchange the required temperature hot water under the condition that the heat medium is a low-temperature water (70-80°C) and a rated water production amount.

Under the action of the diversion device, the stagnant area cold water at the bottom of the tank is reduced to half of the volumetric water heater. 

The tank occupies a small area and the space required for drawing out the tube bundle is small.

 It maintains the advantage of displacement heat exchanger’s low head loss (≤ 0.003MPa) on the heated water, which is conducive to the system of cold and hot water pressure balance.

  • Place of Origin:  Shandong
  • Brand Name:  jingpeng
  • Model Number:  RV03-04,HRV01-02,
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