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No negative pressure frequency conversion water supply equipment

No negative pressure frequency conversion water supply equipment

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Product Details
  • Place of Origin:  Shandong
  • Brand Name:  jingpeng
  • Model Number:  GXWG

GXWG no negative pressure (no suction) frequency conversion regulator water supply equipment is a new type of energy-saving complete sets of water supply equipment innovatively developed by our company. The equipment is a fully enclosed complete set of water supply equipment that can be directly connected to the official water supply network and does not have any negative effect on the water pipe network. He can replace the reservoir and can fully utilize the pressure of the water supply pipe network to supply water directly or indirectly, avoiding the secondary waste of energy and secondary pollution, greatly reducing the capital investment and shortening the construction period.

Application scope:

Residential area. High-rise buildings, hotels and restaurants production. Living water supply.

Pressurized system at waterworks and water supply sites.

Water-saving sprinkler for garden lawn. Drip irrigation water supply.

Constant pressure water supply system in industrial production (printing and dyeing, textile, chemical industry, beverage, smelting)

Transform the original pressure water supply equipment. Can make full use of the original pressure tank.

The replacement of old high water tanks and water tower water supply systems.

Technical Parameters

0—100OOm2/h Water supply capacity

≤550KW  Control power

0—40℃ Ambient temperature

AC380V Input rated voltage

0—2.5MPa Pressure range

≤0.01MPa Pressure adjustment accuracy

≤90%environment humidity (electrical part)

Working principle

In particular, the control method of our company's GXWG negative pressure (non-suction) frequency conversion water supply equipment series products is divided into: non-touch screen intelligent operation control mode and touch screen intelligent operation control mode, the user selects the touch screen control in the contract Indicate.

Set the water supply pressure value required by the user through the controller on the control panel panel. The microcomputer will monitor the pressure of the municipal pipe network. When the pressure is lower than the pressure required by the user, the microcomputer will automatically start the inverter and adjust the speed of the pump. The pressure of the pipe network rises to the pressure required by the user, and the well control pump operates at a constant speed for constant pressure water supply. When the water consumption increases, the rotation speed increases; when the water consumption decreases, the rotation speed is lowered to ensure that the user's water pressure is constant. The lower the pressure of the tap water, the higher the speed of the water pump; the lower the pressure of the tap water, the lower the speed of the water pump. When the pressure of tap water is greater than or equal to the pressure required by the user, the water pump stops operating. The equipment fully utilized the original pressure of the tap water during operation, and ensured that the user's water supply pressure was constant.

During the operation of the equipment, the microcomputer constantly monitors the pressure of the municipal pipe network and system, automatically controls the negative pressure suppressor, and stabilizes the flow accumulator to suppress the generation of negative pressure. This not only makes full use of the pressure of the municipal pipe network, but also ensures that the fork is not Negative pressure is generated without any adverse impact on the municipal pipe network, ensuring water safety. When the municipal pipe network stops water or the flow rate is insufficient, the equipment will be automatically shut down, and it will automatically start up after restoring the water supply. After power failure, the system automatically restarts to restore constant pressure water supply

This set of equipment adopts advanced PLC intelligent control system to safely realize automatic control and detection; faults are automatically switched, thereby achieving unattended functions and saving personnel expenses. Specific functions are

Water pump, power supply, voltage, fault self-test, alarm and protection 

Water pump fault automatic switching function

Automatic frequency conversion function and soft star function 

Automatic pump switching function

Vacuum suppression function

Small flow stop pressure function

Liquid level automatic detection alarm function

Automatically run unattended function

  • Place of Origin:  Shandong
  • Brand Name:  jingpeng
  • Model Number:  GXWG
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