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Plate type heat exchanger Unit

Plate type heat exchanger Unit

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Product Details
  • Place of Origin:  Shandong
  • Brand Name:  jingpeng
  • Model Number:  JP-01

Plate type heat exchanger unit is divided into: plate type steam-water heating unit plate type steam-water air conditioning unit plate type water-water heating unit plate type water-water air conditioning unit

The unit is composed of plate heat exchanger, circulating pump, make-up water pump, decontamination pump, pipeline, valve, meter, frequency conversion control system, etc. According to the needs of users, it can be equipped with variable frequency electronic descaler and automatic programming system.

pplication range

This equipment is suitable for heat exchange in heating, heat, petroleum, chemical, thermal power, metallurgy, textile, food, medicine, nuclear industry, shipbuilding, marine development and other fields.

Heating: heating station heating system in winter
Air conditioning: Central air conditioning chilled water intermediate heat exchange device for large buildings
Water supply and drainage: domestic hot water supply system, process water cooling system;

Machinery: lubricating oil and hydraulic oil cooling, emulsion cooling;

Metallurgy: cooling systems such as blast furnaces, continuous casters, continuous rolling mill oils, and oxygen generators

Food: Sterilization of liquid materials such as beer, beverages, soy sauce, etc.

Chemical: heating and cooling process in the middle of chemical reaction;

Light-spinning Paper Industry: Residual Heat of Waste Water


High heat transfer efficiency

Long service life, heat transfer plate adopts stick-free hangin

Good mechanical performance, pressure up to 2.5MPa

Low pressure resistance loss
The main technical parameters
≤100万m2  Heating area: ≤ 1 million m2
≤500T/H    Hot water supply: ≤500T/H

Primary heat source: low pressure steam or high temperature water
≤2.5MPa   Pressure capacity: ≤2.5MPa

BR001~BR2,BRB04~BRB16  Board type :BR001~BR2,BRB04~BRB16

The maximum size of the plate: 1000mm × 2200mm

Performance advantages

coefficient: up to 3000-6000W/m2.°C, 2-4 times that of shell-and-tube heat exchanger

The floor space is small and the structure is extremely compact. Under the same conditions of heat transfer, the space occupied is only 1/2-1/3 of the shell-and-shell type, so there is no need to reserve a lot of space for cleaning and inspection.

Safe and reliable: Due to the design of two seals on the sealing device between the plates, there are signal holes at the same time. Once it leaks, it can be discharged outside the heat exchanger. Not only prevents the two media from mixing, it also serves as a security alarm.

High variability: Since the heat exchanger plate is easy to dismantle, it is extremely convenient to obtain the most suitable capacity and heat transfer effect by adjusting the number of heat transfer plates or changing the flow.

The overall investment is lower: on the premise of the same heat transfer amount, the plate heat exchanger is compared with the shell-and-tube heat exchanger, due to the reduction of the heat exchange area, land area, fluid resistance, cooling water consumption, and other items, making the equipment The investment, infrastructure investment, power consumption and other expenses are all greatly reduced. Especially when expensive materials are needed, the equipment is more economical due to high efficiency and thin sheets.

Working conditions
380V Power: 380V.
≤1.6MPA Maximum working pressure: ≤1.6MPA.
230℃  Maximum working temperature: <230°C

  • Place of Origin:  Shandong
  • Brand Name:  jingpeng
  • Model Number:  JP-01
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